1 350 NOK

Korg – A ceramic tray designed by Italian designers Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere.


1250 g, Ceramic tray glazed with matte glaze.
H 130 mm, L 280 mm, B 190 mm.


1350 NOK



Dishwasher safe.
Manufactured in China. 


The design process was quite easy to control due to the geometry of the object which is something in between a two-dimensional and three-dimensional shape. After modeling the tray in 3D-software, we found that we could make a series of fast and effective maquettes simply by cutting and gluing two pieces of paper with 2D-renders of light and shadow printed onto the paper. This method gave a surprisingly accurate understanding of the shape. We could directly verify the proportions and how the different sizes interacted with different items: a smartphone, spoons, pencils, plants, fruits, candies, tea lights, bouquets of garlic or a bundle of keys. 

– LucidiPevere

The first edition of Korg is glazed in two colors, Primavera Green or Pietra White. Both in a matte glaze.