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1421 in stock

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Korg – A ceramic tray designed by Italian designers Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere.


1250 g, Ceramic tray glazed with matte glaze.
H 130 mm, L 280 mm, B 190 mm.


1350 NOK



Dishwasher safe.
Manufactured in China. 

Process and relevance

The initial idea was quite simple; a semi-circle rotated three times to form an oblong tray with the handle also working as a divider. The handle defines the space of the object, but there is also a playful aspect to it as it allows odd pairings like car keys on one side of the tray and crackers on the other.

The handle rises from the bottom tray and forms a backdrop that turns the tray into a stage.

Our first question was: How to design a multi-space tray with a distinctive handle? Revolving three times a semi-circular handle we found the answer. The handle is therefore not only added to the main body but it is very part of the shape itself. In some way it is the generator of the whole design. We wanted to avoid the typical flat tray which disappears under the objects. We were looking for a shape that could come out from the surface becoming something which said ”I am here, look at me, lift me up, move me”. After many sketches we realized that we were tracing more and more the contours of a traditional round basket as we know since ancient times.

– LucidiPevere

Korg is a Norwegian word for basket, and if you squint your eyes, the contours of the tray are similar to those of a traditional round basket.


Production of Korg