590,00 NOK



Production of Gram

 The sculptural qualities of our objects lead more often than not to complex manufacturing techniques. We make our collection wherever the traditional craft techniques are best kept alive and wherever the required specialized competence is found.
Gram is manufactured in China.


590 NOK


Gram as a part of Nedre Foss

We were initially considering several semiprecious metals as suitable materials for Gram. 

We opted for stainless steel for several reasons. It has a cool cleanliness that belongs in the kitchen and to coffee brewing. And more important: it has the precision and strength for coping with the slim and challenging dimensioning of the object.

“Exaggerating these form features and making the measuring spoon more of a caricature made it less of a kitchen utensil and more related to precision tools; The sextant. The primitive scale. The sundial.”

Design behind Gram