950 NOK

Designed by Carina Seth Andersson

Etage draws inspiration from sturdy artifacts like sanitary porcelain, ceramic insulators and construction components. The object is hard yet has a softness to it. It has an unpretentious presence close to that of a ready-made.


800 g White porcelain with transparent glaze.
H 50 mm, Ø 210 mm.


950 NOK


Manufactured in China.
Hand wash only.

Presentation and idea

Our process with Carina started with a chance meeting at a party during the Milan Fair in 2019 followed by a visit to her studio in Gustavsberg outside of Stockholm a month later. We met her dog Åke, we had coffee together and then we placed the objects from what was then our collection on a working table at the center of her studio. In a way it was a very informal briefing, expressing the design dogma of Nedre Foss through our object rather than through a lot of chit chat. It was a beautiful sunny day in Stockholm. Carina returned in the fall with one sketch and a measured drawing. Without further ado this turned into the porcelain platform we call Etage.

Still life

«I was picturing a small, compact shape in cast porcelain. I planned for Etage to concentrate and elevate your everyday objects – to form the base of an everyday still life. A platform for your teapot or a flower – somewhere to arrange sandwiches, sushi, cookies or a small cake. I wanted the surface of the object to be super glossy and clean. Etage is the marriage of a sometimes frail material to a sturdy shape – a hard material softened»

– Carina Seth Andersson.


The name Etage means floor, as floors in a building. The inspiration for the name comes from the industrial aspect of producing a porcelain dish. Stacks of porcelain in cabinets as an object of great use and what is put on the dish is placed with a nice presentation in mind.


Production of Etage

«Nedre Foss is all about bringing what is useful together with something which is clearly sculptural in a way where these two properties becomes equally important to the identity of the object».