3 900 NOK

Designed by Anderssen & Voll


Making vessels resting on three legs is a tradition that reaches well back into the iron ages. It felt like a very appropriate category for Nedre Foss. We appreciate how advanced technology of today has made it possible to rejuvenate a form factor traditionally applied to metals, stone or ceramics and translate this into wood.


3900 NOK


Gently wipe of with a damp cloth.
Manufactured in Poland. 

References from tradition and craftsmanship

The first sketch was inspired by how the shape of a traditional Shaker Round basket transforms from being circular on top to having pronounced corners in the bottom for stability purposes. The overall idea and the size were quickly verified in a very rudimentary cardboard model.

Shaping måne

Fine-tuning the foot of the bowl by using clay. We took these findings into
3D-modelling, 3D-printing a segment of the bowl time and again to refine the shape.


Design behind Måne