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Måne – A wooden bowl in solid wood designed by the Norwegian designers Torbjørn Anderssen & Espen Voll.


We make Måne in Natural Ash. Trees are living creatures. Smaller knots and variations in grain and colour will occur. 900g of solid ash wood finished with a food-safe wax oil made from natural organic ingredients.


1015 g, made from one piece of solid ash wood.
H 70 mm, D 28 mm.


4100 NOK



Gently wipe of with a damp cloth.
Manufactured in Poland. 

Inspiration behind Måne

This is our version of the tripod vessel found as numerous variations in ancient cultures from all over the world. Måne is the Norwegian word for moon.

«There is something about a wooden bowl that makes us think of red apples. Red apples makes us think of scrumping. And scrumping makes us think of the moon» – Torbjørn Anderssen.

The space defined by the curvy underside of the bowl and the table top is the beauty of this object – a play of light and shadow.


«Nedre Foss is all about bringing what is useful together with something which is clearly sculptural in a way where these two properties becomes equally important to the identity of the object. Keeping the parabolic read of a traditional bowl, we started looking for beauty in the space between the object and the table top».


Design behind Måne

Traditional object

Making vessels resting on three legs is a tradition that reaches well back into the iron ages. It felt like a very appropriate category for Nedre Foss. We appreciate how advanced technology of today has made it possible to rejuvenate a form factor traditionally applied to metals, stone or ceramics and translate this into wood.