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The production of Vannfall

The sculptural qualities of our objects lead more often than not to complex manufacturing techniques. We make our collection wherever the traditional craft techniques are best kept alive and wherever the required specialized competence is found.
Vannfall is manufactured in China.


1.350 NOK

Jin Kuramoto on Vannfall for Nedre Foss

There were many stages of translation for this object: my hand made model was made digital through 3D-scanning. After digitally modifying the shape, this file formed the basis of the complex steel mold which in turn produces the final object in glass.

Somehow the charms of my original model were kept all the way throughout the process. Both analog and cutting-edge technologies are beautifully present in the final water jug.

To me, the object has the power of sculpture. I find the expression strong and beautiful. It seems that my philosophy about objects and existence was originally very close to the philosophy of Nedre Foss.


The design behind Vannfall

Nedre Foss on how the object fits our brand


It is truly inspiring to work with Jin Kuramoto and to have his interpretation of sculptural utility: «Bruksskulptur».

The initial master model of Vannfall was hand made in Jin’s studio, and all of his intuitive, haptic decisions are captured in the final product.

Through the process of 3D-scanning the selected model and subsequently translating this object into glass, the original constructive partitions and language of the process were somewhat obscured and took on additional meaning. 

To us, Vannfall mimics something in motion – depending on the colour, it is like water running or like a creature organically and slowly growing into shape.

Besides being a useful and beautiful object, Vannfall also provides a peak into the some of the key but sometimes hidden issues of the design process itself: how to generate, reflect on and refine a shape in a mock-up material and also the relation between the intention of a process and the final result.