1 590 NOK


Vannfall – a water jug in mouth-blown glass designed by the Japanese designer Jin Kuramoto.


1400g of Sodium Calciums glass.
W 176 mm, D 100 mm, H 206 mm.


1590 NOK


Hand wash only.
Avoid rapidly heating or cooling the object, as it may cause the glass to crack.

Designed by Jin Kuramoto

Japanese designer Jin Kuramoto, founded his own design studio in Tokyo in 2018.
The studio applies its strong, clear and innovative design philosophy to products in the furniture, home electronics, automotive and daily necessities markets.


Design behind Vannfall

Vannfall is Norwegian for waterfall

We make the jug in two colours: Crystal Clear and Bottle Green.
The clear glass looks like running water. The green hue turns it into a creature of the forest.

Molded by hand

The initial master model of Vannfall was hand made in Jin’s studio, and all of his intuitive, haptic decisions are captured in the final product.


Production of Vannfall