1 800,00 NOK

Production of Monoblokk.


Approximately 2200g of high-grade silicate glass.
H170mm, W204mm, D75mm.


The sculptural qualities of our objects lead more often than not to complex manufacturing techniques. We make our collection wherever the traditional craft techniques are best kept alive and wherever the required specialized competence is found.


1.600 NOK

Anderssen & Voll on Monoblokk for Nedre Foss

Making a symmetrical shape in blown glass is an exercise already done by thousands of craftspeople for literally thousands of years. From a designer’s point of view it’s a bit like designing a stackable chair in plywood and steel tube; it feels hard to be original and you quickly run into the limitations of the material.  
That is why leaving axial symmetry behind and deciding on press glass as a manufacturing technique, was really liberating to this process. 
The inspiration were gathered from glass panels, aquariums and concrete road dividers.

Monoblokk is a 3D-object approaching a stricter two dimensional format. To us this makes for interesting relationships to other table top «dwellers» like candlesticks, jugs, bowls and even other flower vases – creating a backdrop or a frame for surrounding objects.


Design of Monoblokk

“The stretched and narrow footprint of Monoblokk encourages you to arrange your flowers, twigs, branches or foliage differently than you would in a vase shaped in a more conventional way. The formal similarity to a water tank or a herbarium works well with water grown plants or cuttings, turning the root systems into the attraction.”